Speaker: Brian Gesiak

Swift provides an exciting new development environment for iOS/OS X that is better equipped to support functional programming paradigms. While only some of us are new to functional programming, all of us are new to Swift. How can we map what we already know about building scalable, maintainable software to Swift?

One important aspect of maintaining codebases over time is automated testing. The talk will begin by briefly introducing testing trends in imperative languages like Ruby and Objective-C. Then, we examine how large Haskell codebases are tested–for example, how does Facebook test its Haskell applications?

Based on this brief history of automated testing, we identify opportunities–as well as challenges–in testing Swift applications. Some key questions to address include:

About Brian

I develop core libraries at Facebook in New York. You may have seen some of my colleagues speak about our functional UI component library used to render News Feed at the @Scale Conference.

I'm also the creator of the Swift testing library Quick, as well as a core member of the Kiwi testing framework.