Speaker: Andy Matuschak

Swift makes it easier than ever to apply functional paradigms to your codebase. But you’re working with a platform—and perhaps an old codebase—which are completely procedural. Your teammates may not have tried functional programming before. If you spout functionalist jargon unprompted in every code review, you’ll create culture clash: you can’t give someone an answer to a question they haven’t asked.

About Andy

Andy Matuschak is the lead mobile developer at Khan Academy, where he’s creating an educational content platform that’s interactive, personalized, and discovery-based. Andy has been making things with Cocoa for 12 years—most recently, iOS 4.1–8 on the UIKit team at Apple. More broadly, he’s interested in software architecture, computer graphics, epistemology, and interactive design. Andy and his boundless idealism live in San Francisco, primarily powered by pastries.